Voice Over IP

Voice Over IP

GCC delivers high quality VoIP services to remote areas around the world, providing an enterprise-class hosted VoIP phone system. GCC’s VoIP services provide customers with clear and reliable, business grade calls. GCC’s VoIP over satellite is ideal for remote sites where satellite can reach but traditional fixed-line telephony cannot.

GCC’s VoIP delivers enterprise-class, low latency calls for remote connectivity in any environment, using the latest technologies and platforms. Each solution is tailored to every customer’s specific requirements, guaranteeing high quality, business grade calls.

GCC’s VoIP have customised call routing options to suit every customer’s business, ensuring calls are easily re-routed to remote phones, office phones or mobile phones. Automatic time based call routing can be customised for every customer, ensuring every call is answered. Voicemail alerts and transcriptions are also available, allowing customers to receive voicemail messages as text on any mobile communications device or email account.

GCC services are available to both wholesale and retail carriers across the world. We carry voice traffic through our fully redundant wholesale carrier network offering robust quality and unmatched ASR, ACD, and PDD. GCC has a separate “Selling” business development department that focuses on getting customers who want to send traffic to GCC . Wholesale Voice Selling services offered by GCC equally suits carriers seeking multiple DS3 capacity as well as smaller carriers seeking a reliable A – Z wholesale routing partner. We encourage smaller voice players to partner with us to meet all of their wholesale voice traffic needs.

GCC’s VoIP over satellite provides back to office connectivity from any remote site around the world and is ideal for remote sites, where satellite can reach but traditional fixed-line telephony cannot. GCC’s VoIP can be deployed across a range of industries including oil and gas, mining, defence, government, construction and disaster recovery.

GCC’s VoIP serves the requirements of companies with VSAT networks which carry voice traffic for corporate virtual private networks, wide area networks or rural telephone networks.


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