iDirect Service

iDirect Service

GCC’s iDirect Service offer a high-speed, high quality, scalable and easy to use Internet connection. It connects customers in some of the world’s most remote regions and provides multiple solutions to their communication needs. GCC’s iDirect Service can be deployed almost anywhere, making them ideal for business continuity and connectivity in remote, hard to reach locations or temporary sites.

Our customers choose GCC due to our personalized application of cost-effective and secure voice, high-speed data and video Internet connections. GCC’s portable VSAT solutions are tailored for optimal delivery in communications, disaster recovery and security applications.

GCC has the in-house capability to offer total turnkey solutions for a VSAT network and currently supports telecommunications services in Africa, the Middle East and Asian regions.

GCC’s iDirect solutions, whilst capable for all broadband applications, can be optimized for remote wide area network (WAN), video conferencing, voice communications, data/telemetry transmission, thin client applications and hosted services.

GCC’s iDirect services can connect all your sites on a single satellite and can be customized to suit any unique requirement. GCC offers both low priced shared bandwidth and dedicated bandwidth with high throughput on both Evolution series and infiniti series platform, thereby offering a solution to suit every customer.

Currently GCC offers iDirect evolution ( DVB S2) service on Yahsat 1A, APSTAR 7, W2A, T11N and Arabsat 5C while infiniti services are offered on W2A and ST2.

GCC’s Network Operations Centre’s (NOC) provide 24/7 support.

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